About FlowerPowerVT Farm

FlowerPowerVT is farmed by Anne Flack-Matthews. Anne is an avid florist and gardner with 30 years of experience managing floral designs and retail garden centers. She has completed +100 weddings and her unique dried designs have been sold worldwide. She is supported by her tireless partner Ed and their team of loyal helpers to operate FlowerPowerVT's busy year-round calendar of planting and harvesting.

With +100 varieties of perennials and annuals, FlowerPower VT is one of the most diverse farms in Vermont. We use organic farming methods to produce the highest quality of fresh flowers, vegetables, herbs and eggs. With everything from heirloom vegetables to culinary and medicinal herbs, there is something for everyone to use and enjoy.

FlowerPowerVT farm is dedicated to applying sustainable strategies and principles of permaculture to all of our activities. We carefully manage a cycle of onsite hay production and compost harvesting, and where possible homegrown food sources are consumed by our family and barnyard pets (including dogs, chickens and a growing collection of rescue farm animals). We employ zero insecticides in our farming and protect against soil erosion through use of cover cropping, under planting and water channeling -- ensuring zero toxic additives to food and flowers, zero lake pollutants and zero habitat destruction. We shop locally and love to support our fellow local VT businesses!

FlowerPowerVT also breeds champion bloodline Belgian Tervuren Shepherds. Anne has been a shepherd lover since childhood, and as natural herders and guardians, the Tervurens are a perfect fit to protect our farm's livestock from predators. From their earliest days, our puppies are raised in a loving and stimulating environment to be friendly and loyal companions. Please visit our Belgian Tervurens page for more info and to meet our breeding dogs.