Belgian Tervuren Shepherds

FlowerPowerVT breeds Belgian Tervuren Shepherds -- physically striking, medium-sized dogs with black masked faces. Coat colors range from fawn to fiery mahogany and are overlaid with a veil of black. Some of our breeding lines are silver with black overlay. They are a very beautiful, energetic, responsive and intelligent herding dog that can live up to 12 years.

Belgian Tervurens are great companions for sport and as watchful family guardians and best friends. They are highly attuned to their families, love to please and are eager for new experiences. We often take the dogs to explore and swim along the Lake Champlain waterways. They are fun hiking companions and love to share adventures with the family.

Dogs are the centerpiece of FlowerPowerVT Farm. Pups are born onsite and are handled daily by family members. Our farm is bustling with year-round activities, and puppies are introduced to an array of barnyard animals and frequent visitors of all ages. This early socialization produces happy and well-adjusted dogs.

Our dogs are trained in general obedience and some advanced agility. Pups receive a full veterinary check, worm treatment and vaccinations at 7-8 weeks and are placed with homes shortly after. All litters are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). While we do not participate in dog shows, all of our breeding lines have champions in their pedigree. Pedigree details are provided and can be further researched with the AKC. Please note that we do not convey full breeding rights unless explicitly arranged.

We have placed our dogs in many happy homes, and love to stay in touch to watch them grow! Please follow us on Facebook or call (802) 877-3476 for details on the next available litter.