Meet our Belgian Tervuren Shepherds!

Our breeding dogs are the centerpiece of FlowerPowerVT.

They are fully health checked and registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), and enjoy a diet of top-quality food with regular portions of organic farm-raised chicken and eggs. Their health and happiness is our utmost priority. Maybelline, Josephine and Iko are also active with agility training -- the breed learns very quickly and is speedy on a course!

Pups are birthed in a custom-built area of our home. From their earliest days, they are surrounded by family, helpers, barnyard pets and a steady stream of farm visitors. We carefully stimulate them to assure confidence in socialization. They nurse from the dam for 6 weeks, and are off to homes at around 8 weeks once registered with the AKC. Bloodlines are carefully tracked and some litters are bred with outside AKC-registered sires to add diversity to the line.

Pups are evaluated and placed with homes according to temperament and color preference. Any dog may be returned at any time for any reason -- rest assured they will be cared for and loved. Visitors to the farm are welcome, please contact us and follow on Facebook for more up-to-date info!


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Sire - Iko

iko Iko is a stunning male Tervuren with a black face and chest and a long mahogany coat. Friendly, alert and loyal, Iko is very responsive to training and loves attention. He is AKC-registered, OFA-tested (good), and health checked including thyroid and DNA testing analytics.  He comes from a champion bloodline (further pedigree info is available). Iko is our foundation sire here at the farm -- he eats organic raw chicken and eggs, weighs around 60lbs and has a fabulous shiny coat. He loves meeting visitors, agility training and hiking the shores of Lake Champlain, where he takes teaches younger pups how to swim.

Dam - Josephine

JosephineJosephine is our dark mahogany dam, very loyal and sweet.  She has natural herding instincts and is a very protective mother of her litters.  She is AKC-registered,  OFA-tested (good), and health checked including thyroid and DNA testing analytics. Jojo represents the breed nicely with beautiful mahogany colors, a black veil and a fiery red undercoat.

Dam - Silver Star

silverstarSilver Star is an AKC-registered sable female with a beautiful long double coat. Her black face stands out and her long fur is soft, cozy and moves with the wind.  She has passed her OFA hips and elbows with an excellent rating. Star loves to cuddle with our family and to pal around the farm with her best friend Luna.  She is intelligent, observant, and very responsive to positive training. We love to see Star smile.

Dam - Luna

Luna Luna is a beautiful dam from Canadian lines with silver and fawn coloring, a black veil and a sweet dark face. She has a very long, shiny coat. She has OFA good hips and normal elbows, good thyroid testing and completed an eye certification. Luna is a natural herder with a strong, independent personality and an attraction to wool.  She is very loyal to us and to her best friend Star. Wherever we go, she can always be found nearby watching!

Dam - Maybelline

maybellMaybelline is our friendly alpha female, a large fawn/red girl representing the working lines of the Belvian Tervuren breed.  She is very strong and keeps a watchful eye on all that happens here at the farm, commanding first attention amongst her female companions.  She is AKC-registered,  OFA-tested (good), and health checked including thyroid and DNA testing analytics. Maybell always has a smile and loves to meet new people and attend agility training. She has proven to be a superior mother, birthing healthy AKC litters of large pups.

Sire - Mercury

Mercury Mercury is a strong, confident and gorgeous sable AKC-registered Belgian Tervuren with a very friendly personality. His OFA-tested hips and elbows are good, and he weighs in around 70lbs. His silver coat is very thick with a striking black overlay, which darkens yearly.  He eats organic chicken and eggs. Merc's dam is Italian and his sire hails from champion US bloodlines. He loves greeting visitors at the farm and running through the woods.  He is a loyal companion and keeps an eye on us.

Dam - Ursa the Honeybear

ursaUrsa is Josephine's daughter and shows a very similar build and personality to her mother. Sweet, friendly and loyal, she has a stunning dark face and a full mahogany coat with fire-red colors and a black veil. She is AKC-registered with OFA hip x-rays good and elbows normal.  She weighs around 40lbs. Ursa loves to go hiking and swimming along Lake Champlain.