Farm-Fresh Vermont Wedding Flowers

FlowerPowerVT offers affordable, farm-fresh floral designs and we are full of ideas for your big day!

Anne has +30 years of wedding design experience and loves for bridal parties to be part of the creative process. FlowerPowerVT can provide for all of your floral needs, and we are happy to share knowledge and guidance for the do-it-yourselfer seeking a unique farm-to-table wedding experience. We offer bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, altar/venue decorations, hay bales -- anything necessary to fill a hall or outdoor setting with luscious blooms.

Bridal parties are encouraged to walk the gardens one week before their date to choose favourites from our vibrant selection of unusual flowers. The fields offer 10 varieties of sunflower, fragrant peonies, multi-colored cactus zinnias, tulips, foxgloves, black-eyed susans, ranunculus and more. Pumpkins, hops, gourd designs, broom corn and dried options are also available for cooler seasons. See photo gallery below for ideas and samples.

FlowerPowerVT is located close to Kingsland Bay State Park, Basin Harbour Club and many popular venues in the Champlain Valley. We have experience working with all of the top local vendors. Please contact us if you have any questions!